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Swimming In Open Water

11% of children drown in open water. Children ages 15-19 are most likely to fatally drown while playing or swimming in natural water or as part of a boating incidents. Open water can be safe when it is officially designated as a water recreation or swimming area or when it is supervised by a lifeguard.

Safety Tips

  • Always use Coast Guard approved life jackets.

  • Wear a properly fitted life jacket that fits snuggly and does not raise above the chin or ears, with every buckle secured and no loose straps.

  • Never let children dive into natural bodies of water.

  • Never let children under 16 drive jet skis or boats.

  • Always swim in designated areas only!

  • It is important for families to be aware of the following hidden hazards:
    • Limited visibility
    • Depth, Distances and Drop-offs
    • Currents and Tides
    • Weather and Seasonal Differences
    • Water Temperature