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Winter Safety

Did you know?

  • 15% of children who drown in North Texas do so in the winter months.

  • Children who drown in winter months are more likely to have serious and adverse outcomes, such as brain damage or death.

  • In fact, almost 8% of children who drown in cold weather have a fatal drowning compared to 2% in warm weather.

  • Children who drown in the winter tend to be 2-3 years old and wander out of the home to the backyard pool unnoticed by caregivers, and are found too late.

Safety Tips

  • If a child is missing, the first place you should always look is the pool followed by inside your car.

  • Keep all doors and windows leading to the pool locked.

  • Install barriers of protections:

    • Non-climbable fence
    • Self-locking gates/doors
    • Alarm that lead to the pool area
  • Learn CPR.

  • Enroll your kids in swimming lessons.

  • Maintain your pool for visibility to the bottom and never leave toys in or around the pool.